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YouTube Converter is a multi-format video converter
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YouTube Converter is a multi-format video converter. When I first saw it, I thought the application would include a video downloader, but it just doesn't. This app is simply a video converter that can open pretty much any modern video or audio file and convert it to one of the available output formats. These formats are FLV, AVI, H.264, 3GP, MOV, and MP4. There are two profiles for mobile devices, one for the PSP, and another one for the iPod.

In terms of design, the application has an OK-looking user interface. The only thing that I don't like is the list of conversion profiles. Instead of using plain text for the items in the menu, they used images, and it just doesn't look right to me. The converter has all the features that you could expect. There is a video player, and you can set the duration of your clip by dragging a few markers on a timeline.

What I really don't like is how broken this application was for me. I couldn't even select a profile without getting an error. I tried with different files and all I got was a "2010.12.07 is not a valid date and time error." I also got another error about a floating point being invalid.

José Fernández
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